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Laser Cutting


Experts in our Riverton based studio, we offer specialised design and laser cutting to customers in New Zealand and around the world including quality artworks, products, inlays and components. 

We work for everyone from individuals, groups and businesses through to some of the largest design brands in the world. Our service includes shell veneer laminates, wood, acrylic and other materials.

Our team have an in-depth knowledge of our materials and are happy to assist with design projects and provide technical advice.

We also offer printing and graphic design directly onto shell veneer, wood and other materials.



Ocean Shell Studios works with luthiers all over the world providing design and cutting services for guitar inlays.

If possible include a PDF or Corel Draw file of the design/shape you would like laser-cut to assist us with your quote. Quotes are based on the amount of veneer or laminate used and the laser cutting time involved.


Professional Finish


Be it a corporate event, sports competition, school award ceremony or other special occasion, we can ensure you get the perfect award you need with a professional finish.



We can resin dome your creations for additional visual effect and long-lasting protection. Doming is the process of adding a clear, non-yellowing resin to your decal to make a 'dome' or bubble over it. This has a slight magnification effect, catches light better and protects your decal from weather and UV light. The end result is stunning.



Our giftware including 21st keys, albums, picture frames and more can be personalised with names, messages, dates, images or company logos. This service is ideal for promotional gifts, special occasions or giving a truly personal touch to a gift for someone dear to you.

Get in touch with one of our friendly staff by emailing us at or by phone 03 234 9065.